The Design-Process

Let’s unravel how the Design-Process works.

The Local-Design: Design-Process.

In short the Design-Process is simply a client journey that shows you, your client, what is menat to happen and in what estimated time-frame as well. Its a helpful tool to understand the way things are being done.

Step 1: The stage is set. Let’s design.

Literally the most involved process that you as the client will be apart of, as we ensure that all the content is perfectly placed on the website where they need to be and visually appealing too.

After all, we are here to enhance your image and that image is what drives sales or whatever you’re after.

Step 2: Discovery, oh, you shouldn’t have.

It’s very important to define what the scope of your project is, what are your goals, what are you aiming for and what do you expect from us. Of course, we will try our utmost to make sure your vision is achieved without compromising ours way too much! 🙂

Step 3: Beautiful, beautiful content.

SEO is very important in regards to how you get seen through Google and we will ensure that whatever content is being presented is also SEO friendly, from headline names, excerpts to taglines! This a helpful mindset to keep to ensure you get the best results.

Step 4: Is that a bug? Let’s get the bug spray.

No one likes bugs! – This is our second longest process and one we take to heart! Testing is just as important as design and all that other stuff. We will make sure your website is rocking and running smoothly. Remember, we give you 12 months of great support afterwards. ( In the constraints of our terms and conditions )

Step 5: Yaaay! It’s ready!

This is probably the best part. Launch day! Have a party. Make it a celebration, you finally got your website!

Once we have done everything we can, and both parties are happy, we will release your website and give it to you. DO not forget, we are always here to support you!

Let’s talk and get things going.

Contact us at anytime and we will be more than happy to accommodate you! Let’s talk!